Screen Printing Design Training

Training Sessions

Industry specific training to get you designing shirts like a pro in no time.
CorelDRAW 0-60 – Screen Printing Design Bootcamp

CorelDRAW training for screen printers and artists


Simple courses that show you STEP-BY-STEP
Learn how to Duplicate, Illustrate, Separate.

The most important result for any student of our 0-60 Bootcamp is their ability to use the skills that they learn in real jobs that generate profits.

This is not a course to learn about software, or design tools, or theories of what might work.

The only thing covered in 0-60 Bootcamps are real processes that are proven to work for screen printing and decorated apparel artists across the country. No guesswork, just real shortcuts that you can use every day to save hours on artwork.

  • Duplicate
  • Illustrate
  • Separate